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Vol. 7 No. 2 (2021): JIkeb | September 2021
  1. The Effect Of Blended Learning On The Learning Outcomes Of Midwifery Students STIKES Pemkab Jombang
  2. Relationship of Postpartum Depression Toward Milk Expenditure in Hospital of Women and Children Annisa Pekanbaru
  3. The Effect Of Menopause Education On Menopouse Sex Anxiety In The Muslimatan Community
  4. A Literature Review: Level Anxiety and Compliance of Toddler Visits to Posyandu During The Covid-19 Pandemic
  5. The Effect Of Support of Husband and POSYANDU cadres on Mother’s Interest In Using Implant KB
  6. The Relationship Between Family Support With Events Of Post Partum Blues
  7. Effectiveness of Abdomnal Stretching in Pain reduction Due To Primary Dysmenorrhea in Adolescenst
  8. Anxiety In Pregnant Mothers On ANC Visit In The Era Covid-19 Pandemic
  9. Parents Support Factors With Adolescent Coping Strategies Facing Bullying In Malang Junior High School
  10. Effectiveness of Pregnancy Exercises in Accelerating the Duration of Second Stage in Vaginal Delivery of Primigravida
Published: 2021-09-30


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