• JIKeb | Maret 2019
    Vol 5 No 1 (2019)
  • JIKeb | September 2018
    Vol 4 No 2 (2018)
    1. Study Of Relationship Between Senam Nifas, Early Breastfeeding Initiation (IMD) And Parity With Uteri Involution
    2. The Relations Menarche Age And Stress Levels With The Dismenore Primary Events In Adolescents
    3. The Analysis Of Factors Associated With Village Village Performance In Pregnant Women's Health Services In Gowa District
    4. The Assistance Of Using Kia Book With The Two-Year Old Childrengrowth And Development In Sukomulyo Health Center– Gresik
    5. Analysis Of Contribution Kampung KB Program In Efforts To Improve the KKBPK Program In Jombang, East Java Province
    6. Comparison Anemia In Adolescent Girls Who Stay At Pondok Pesantren And At Home In Madrasah Aliyah Pondok Pesantren Darussalam Kepung Kediri
    7. The Effect Of Long-Term Contraception Of Contraception Against Bone Density Levels
    8. Breastfeeding Practice and Time of Umbilical Cord Detachment in Newborn
    9. The Green Bean Pizza For Diet Intervention To Autism And Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children (ADHD)
    10. Nursing Care In Acute DiarrheaWith Midle Dehydrated Focusing Study Of Deficite Fluid Volume In Temanggung Hospital
  • JIKeb | Maret 2018
    Vol 4 No 1 (2018)
    1. In Influence Of Combination Red Guava And Honey To Increase Hb Level on Pregnant Women
    2. The Corellation Breast Care And Energy Consumtion With Smooth Breastmilk In Breastfeeding Mother
    3. The Influence Of Carrot Juice And Avocado Juice To Dysmenorrhoea Pain In Adolescent Girls
    4. The Correlation Between With Abortion In Mother At Ponek Rsud Jombang
    5. Role Attainment Of Mother in Giving Breastfeed To The Jaundice Baby In Anggrek Pavillion Of RSUD Jombang
    6. Father’s Stimulation To The Development of Baby’s Sexual Psych With The Approach Of Mercer's Nursing Model Concept At Integrated Health Center For Father at Petengan Jombang District
    7. Midwifery Care On Postpartum Days 10-17 In BPM Lilis Zuniarsih ,A.md.Keb Segodorejo Vllage Sumobito District Jombang District
    8. The Correlation Of Mother And Toddler’s Personal Hygiene With The Incidence Of Diarrhea For Toddlers At Bareng Village, Bareng Sub District In Jombang District
    9. The Correlation Of Functional Status With Depression Level For Stroke Patients In Flamboyan Room RSUD Jombang
    10. Correlation Between Antenatal Care (ANC) Adherence With 3rd Trimester Pregnant Women Anxiety Facing Labor In Sumbermulyo Village Jogoroto, Jombang District
  • JIKeb | September 2017
    Vol 3 No 2 (2017)
    1. Midwifery care To The Pregnant Trimester III In BPM Sri Wahyuni Of Bedahlawak Village Sub District Tembelang District Jombang
    2. Midwifery Care On Primary Woman Trimester II Physiological With Back Pain In Bpm Sri Hardi, Amd.Keb District Sumobito Jombang
    3. Midwefery Care In The Post Partum Mothers  With Nipple Blisters In Bpm Suhartini, Sst Sub-District Diwek Of Jombang District
    4. Relationship Behavior Of Investigation Of Visual Acid Assets Inspection (Iva) With Cervic Cancer Cause In Women Age
    5. Midwifery Care At Maternity Mother Kala 1 Active Phase With Hot Compresses To Reduce Pain
    6. The Post Partum Mother Intermination Of Preterm Baby With Theory Of Goal Attainment Approach
    7. Midwifery Care Of Neonatus With Low Birth Weight In Anggrek’s Provincial Hospital Pavilion Jombang
    8. The Terms Of Early Mobilization With Lochea Rubra Expendations On Post Sectio Caesarea (Sc) In Pavilion Melati Of Rsud Jombang
    9. Midwifery care To The Pregnant Trimester III In BPM Anisah Of Denanyar Village Sub District Denanyar District Jombang
    10. The Terms Of Post Sectio Caesarean Pain With Lactation  In Sheaf Nursery Ward Of Melati Pavillion Of Rsud Jombang
  • JIKeb | Maret 2017
    Vol 3 No 1 (2017)
    1. Relationships Between Family Support With Anxiety Of Pregnant Women Primigravida Trimester III In Puskesmas Pandian, Sumenep
    2. Mapping The Territory Of Mother And Child Health In East Java 2014
    3. Relationship Anxiety Man Using Mop Contraception Method With Sexual Activity In The Work Area Health District Cukir Jombang Year 2016
    4. The Effort of Preventive Behavior Adolescent toward HIV & AIDS Based On Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) (Study at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Sidoarjo
    5. Assessment, Expectations, And Importance Of Pregnant Women To Antenatal Care In Robatal’s Health Center
    6. The Relationship between Knowledge and Attitude with Behavior of Snack Consumption in MI Sulaimaniyah Jombang
    7. Influencing Of Intention To Elderly Attend Posyandu In Puskesmas Kalijudan, Surabaya
    8. The Effect Of Music Therapy Against The Level Of Pain On Intrapartum Maternity Women Stage 1 Active Phase In Bpm Hj. Umi Salamah Peterongan Sub-District
    9. The Effect Of Baby’s Massage With The Sleep Quality Of Baby As Old As E 3-6 Months At Bandung Village, Diwek Sub District, In Jombang District Year 2016
    10. Midwifery Care To Toddler With Diarrhea And Mid Dehydration In Puskesmas Mojoagung And Mojoagung Sub-District Jombang District
  • JIKeb | September 2016
    Vol 2 No 2 (2016)
    1. Coordination Mechanism Analysis of the Public Health Centers with Cadre in Effort to IncreaseK1 ANC’s Coverage in Blitar City
    2. The Relationship Between Education and Maternal Knowledge with Over Nutrional Status  Ffecting SD NU 1 Trate Gresik Students
    3. Relation between Nutritional Status and the Regularity of Exercise with the Incidence of Dysmenorrhea in Adolescent Girls
    4. The Relationship Between Time and Frequency of Complementary Feeding with Nutritional Status of Infants 6-12 Months in Campurejo’s Public Health Center of Kediri
    5. Suspect Diphtheria Epidemiology Cases In The District Gresik Year 2013 - Month February 2016
    6. Assessment, Expectations, And Importance Of Pregnant Women To Antenatal Care In Robatal’s Health Center
    7. Overview Factors Affecting Nutritional Status Pregnancy In the village Kebondalem Jombang District of Bareng
    8. Midwifery Care Of Children Aged 2-5 Year Gastroenteritis With Dehydration At Paviliun Seruni Hospital Public Jombang
    9. Attitude Of Pregnant Pregnancy In Public Health Inspection District Jatiwates Tembelang Jombang
    10. Family Support Breast Feeding In Exclusive In The Village Pulo Lorkecamatan Jombang District Jombang
  • JIKeb | Maret 2016
    Vol 2 No 1 (2016)
    1. Change Of Weight On Participants Contraceptive Depo Injection In The Village Medroksi Progesterone Acetate Puri Semanding Plandaan District District Jombang
    2. Attitude Women Children Of Less Nutrition In The Village Jatirejo District District Diwek Jombang
    3. Description Of The Occurrence Causes Premature Infants In The Orchid Hospital Jombang
    4. Factors Cause Drop Out Of Participants Kb Injection 3 Months In The Village Sidokaton Kudu District District Jombang
    5. Disorders Menstrual Acceptors Kb Injection In 3 Months In Pustu Bandung, Desa Bandung, Diwek District, District Jombang
    6. Midwifery Care On  Women Post Curettage Ponek General Hospital District Jombang
    7. The Description Of The Factor In The Cause Of Preeclampsia On Pregnancy In Area Centerof Public Health Tembelang Jombang
    8. Midwifery Care In Premature Neonates With Low Birth Weight In The Orchid Pavilion Hospitals District Jombang
    9. Midwifery Care Postpartum Mother Postpartum Physiological 2 Hours In Bpm Ny. Yuni Widaryanti, Amd. Keb. Village Sub Source Mulyo Jogoroto District Jombang
    10. Midwifery Care Of Postpartum Mothers Day To 1-7 With Putting In Milk Rash Bpm Christina District Village Plandaan Plandaan District Jombang
  • JIKeb | September 2015
    Vol 1 No 2 (2015)
    1. Midwifery Care Postpartum During the process of involution uteri In Bpm Ny. Yuni Widaryanti Amd.Keb Desasumber Mulyo Jogoroto District of Jombang
    2. On Mother Maternity Midwifery Care With Preeclampsia Weight In Space PONEK Jombang district hospitals
    3. Midwifery Care In Newborn Care At The Rope Centre In Bpm Ny. Beautiful Village Purwati.Sst.M.M.Kes Sidokaton Kudu District District Jombang
    4. Midwifery Care Postpartum Mother In Wound Care Perineum Health In The Postpartum Cukir Diwek Jombang
    5. Midwifery Care Postpartum 0-3 Day With Oxytocin Massage In Sri Hardi’s Bpm Carangrejo Village Jombang
    6. Midwifery Care Third Trimester Pregnant With Chronic Lack Of Energy  In Work Area Health Brambang Sub District Diwek District Jombang
    7. Children Under The Red Line (BGM) In The Work Area Health Cukir Diwek Jombang
    8. Position Overview Husband’s Attitude toward Implementation Of Pregnant Women In The Village Of Class Banjaragung Bareng District District Jombang
    9. Midwifery Care Of Pregnant Women Trimester 1 Withemesis Gravidarum In Bpm Niken Kinesti Sst, M.Kesvillage Gabusbanaran Sub District Tembelang jombang
    10. Midwifery Care Women Post Sectio Caesarea Day 1 Operation With Injury Pain Regency Pavilion In Jasmine Hospital Jombang
  • JIKeb | Maret 2015
    Vol 1 No 1 (2015)
    1. The Mother Motivation to do Visiting Immunization to Baby in Kepatihan Jombang
    2. The Relationship of Patterns Providing Nutrition With Nutritional Status Toddler Age 3-5 Years in Dempok Utara Grogol Village Diwek Jombang
    3. The Factors Occurrence Post Partum Hemorrhage In Ponek Room RSUD Jombang
    4. The Description of  Parents Attitude to Preventing Dental Caries of Children Aged 6-7 Years in RA Al-Khodijah Brudu Village Sumobito Jombang
    5. Implementation of Massage Baby's Ages 3 Months - 36 Months in Banjaragung Village Bareng Jombang
    6. The Description Attitudes About Achievement Growth Mother On Toddler In the Grogol Diwek Jombang
    7. The Factors of Causing  Acceptor Choosing KB Injection 3 Months in BPM Ny. Kholidah florets, SST in Diwek Village Jombang
    8. The Mother Perception About Using Contraceptive AKDR In  Manunggal Village Ngusikan Jombang
    9. The Description of Genesis Side Effects In Acceptor KB Inject 1 Month in Denanyar Village Jombang
    10. The Description of Nutritional Status Toddler in Bandung Village Diwek Jombang