• JIKep | September 2019
    Vol 5 No 2 (2019)
    1. Examination of 6 Minutes Walking Test Towards Functional Capacity of Post Tuberculosis Patients in Puskesmas Batua Raya Makassar: Literature Review
    2. Undergraduate Nursing Students Knowledge about Patient Safety Goals
    3. Improvement of Self-Care Independence for Children with Mental Retardation Using Occupational Therapy in SDLB Negeri Lamongan
    4. Effect of Breastfeeding Durationof Pneumonia in Children Under Five Years: A Systematic Review
    5. Pilot study: Self-Management Among Diabetes Mellitus Patients at HL. Manambai Abdulkadir Hospital
    6. Screening Cognitive Impairment in Hypertensive Patients in Bandung
    7. Guidelines for Corpse Treatment with HIV / AIDS Disease for Santri Pondok Pesantren Lubbul Labib Kedungsari Maron Probolinggo
    8. Expressive Writing Intervention for Academic Stress of Nursing Students
    9. Supportive Educative System Intervention Based on Family Centered Care on Family Support in Caring for Children with Leukemia in Rsud Tangerang
    10. Correlation of Personal Factor (Empathy) with Altruistic Behaviour in Members of Volunteer Corps-Indonesian Red Cross(KSR-PMI) on Institution X
    11. The Effect of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) on Controlling Blood Sugar Levels of Client Type 2 DM
    12. The Effect of Wrist Mobilization after Ultrasound Therapy to Decrease Pain of Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • JIKep | Maret 2019
    Vol 5 No 1 (2019)
    1. Pengaruh Dukungan Keluarga terhadap Tingkat Depresi pada Lanjut Usia di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
    2. Pengaruh Kepatuhan Konsumsi Tablet Fe terhadap Kadar Haemoglobin Ibu Hamil
    3. Perbandingan Memandikan Tradisional dengan Disposable Bed Baths di Ruang Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    4. Pengembangan Aplikasi Diabetes Foot Ulcer Assessment Scale (Dfuas) pada Smartphone
    5. Pengaruh Pursed Lip Breathing dan Meniup Balon Terhadap Kekuatan Otot Pernapasan, Saturasi Oksigen dan Respiratory Rate pada Pasien Ppok
    6. Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Stres Akademik Mahasiswa Keperawatan
    7. Hubungan Sikap tentang Hipertensi dengan Frekuensi Kekambuhan Hipertensi pada Penderita Hipertensi Di RW 06 Karah Kecamatan Jambangan Surabaya
    8. Hubungan Penerapan Proses Keperawatan Ida Jean Orlando terhadap Peningkatan Kualitas Pelayanan di Ruang Perawatan Kritis IGD dan ICU RSUD Kabupaten Pangkajene dan Kepulauan
    9. Pemahaman Materi Haid Untuk Mengetahui cara Mengqodho’ Sholat Wajib pada Siswa SMP Raden Rahmat Karangrejo Wonokromo Surabaya
    10. Tingkat Stres dengan Peningkatan Kadar Gula Darah Penderita Diabetes Mellitus
  • JIKep | September 2018
    Vol 4 No 2 (2018)
    1. The Effect Of Self Care Education Based On Patient Nursing Interactions On Diet Compliance In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients (At the Outpatient Institution of Surabaya Islamic Hospital A. Yani)
    2. The Quality of Life Children's With Cancer In Malang Area, Indonesia
    3. The Duration Of Use Pil And Injection Contraception On Productive Women Age With Hypertension
    4. Overview Of Drug Withdrawal From Sufferers And Supervisors Of Taking Medicine Viewpoint In Parepare
    5. Ten Carative Caring Training Effect Of CaringAgainst Caring Behavior And Nurse Motivation (In RSI Surabaya)
    6. The Increasing Of Verbal Communication Ability of Stroke Ischemic Patient With Dysarthria Post LSVT Loud
    7. The Effect Of a Combination Of Early Mobilization And Spiritual Relaxation On The Pain Level Of Clients Post Operative Appendectomy At Surabaya Islamic Hospital
    8. The Relationship Of Family Support With Urine Acid’s Diet Compliance In Elderly At Posyandu Lansia Health Care Center Wonokromo Surabaya
    9. The Influence Of Combination Of Foot Gymnastic And Aromatheraphy To Abi And Stress Levels In Dm Patients In Jajag Health Center
    10. More Effectivenes Foot Exercise In Improving Blood Circulation For Legs With Reducing Of Glucose Levels For Diabetes Mellitus Patients In Rejoso Health Center
  • JIKep | Maret 2018
    Vol 4 No 1 (2018)
    1. The Relationship Between Compliance Use of Drugs and Readmission Case on Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Patients at ICCU Tidar Magelang Hospital
    2. Physical Activity with Sleep Quality in Elderly Posyandu Wulan Erma Menanggal Surabaya
    3. Father Characteristics In Posyandu Participation Of Father's Care In Dusun Rejoagung Desa Rejoagung Ploso Jombang District
    4. Characteristics Of Increasing Blood Cholesterol Level Of Hipercolesterolemia Patients In Sidomulyo, Jombang District Rejoagung Village Ploso District Jombang
    5. The Effect Of Java Classical Music Therapy To The Decrease Of Blood Pressure For Hypertensive Elderly People At UPT Panti Werdha Mojopahit , Mojokerto
    6. Nutritional Status Relations With Healing Process Of Post Sectio Caesarea In Maternity Ward Of Jombang Hospital 2017
    7. The Correlation Of Sleep Quality With Blood Sugar In The Blood Of Patient With Diabetes Mellitus In Health Center Of Peterongan Jombang
    8. The Effectiveness Of Using Village Stand By Ambulance In The Transportation Pre Hospital
    9. The Study Of Stroke Patient Life With Prolonged Bedrest In Pucangsimo Village, Bandarkedungmulyo, Jombang
    10. The Correlation of Husband ‘s Social Support With Mother’s Activeness to Bring Toddler to Posyandu Dahlia 2 at Pulo Lapangan Sub Village Pulo Lor Village Jombang Subdistrict in Jombang District
  • JIKep | September 2017
    Vol 3 No 2 (2017)
    1. The Correlation Of Lifestyle With The Obesity For The Teenagers Of Junior  High School
    2. The Effect Of Giving The Juice Of Water Melon  To  The  Change Of Blood Pressure For Hypertensive 
    3. Relationship Of Application Of New Patient Reception Sop With Level Of Patient Satisfaction
    4. Nursing Care In Children Thypoid Fever With The Problem Of Nutritional Influences Of Less Of The Body Needs
    5. The Correlation  Of  Work Load With   Nurse ‘S  Caring Behavior  According To  Client ‘S Perception  At Igd  Rsud Jombang
    6. The Correlation Of School Health Effort (UKS) Cadre’s Role (tiwisada) With Sick Student Absence At Public Elementary School (SDN) Jombatan 5 In Jombang
    7. Self Efficacy Mother In Diarrhea Of Children Using Health Promotion Model
    8. The effect of instrumental music therapy  to insomnia  for elderly people  at upt  social service  of tresna werdha of  Jombang
    9. The Correlation Of Rooming In With The Production Of Breast Milk For Postpartum Mother In The Room Of Melati Rsud In Jombang District
    10. The Correlation Of  Spiritual Need Fulfillment  With Pre Operative  Patient’s Anxiety Level
  • JIKep | Maret 2017
    Vol 3 No 1 (2017)
    1. Relationship Body Image With Eating Disorders On Passenger Passenger
    2. Relation Between Workload and Nutritional Status With Fatigue Working of Outpatient Installation Nurses in RSI Jemursari
    3. Description Of Noise Level and Non Auditory Disorders to Residents in The Settlements Along The Rail Ngagel Rejo Surabaya
    4. Association Factor Exercise Habits And Symptom Of Microvascular Complications With Quality Of Life In Elderly
    5. Relationship Between Consumption Pattern and Anemic Status With Women Employees Productivity at Production Section in CV Surya Nedika Isabella
    6. The Relation Between Food Handler Hygiene with Biological Quality of Brem at Home Industry Brem Kaliabu Village
    7. The Relationship Between Types of Drug and Length of Drug Use with Addiction Relapse
    8. Correlation Economic Level with Medication Obedience BTA Positive TB Patients In the Work Region of cukir Health Center Jombang
    9. Nursing In Children With Typhoid Fever Hipertermia In Paviliun Seruni RSUD Jombang
    10. The Correlation Family Support With The Level Of Family Depression For Caring Mental Retardation Children
  • JIKep | September 2016
    Vol 2 No 2 (2016)
    1. Analysis Aspecs Of  Skill, Trait, And Self-Concept Of  Doctors And Nurses Toward Service Quality In The Inpatient Unit At Ploso Hospital, District Jombang
    2. Quality Service Assessment of  Doctors and Nurses Toward Patient Loyalty Of General Clinic At Aisyiyah Hospital, Bojonegoro
    3. Pearson Correlation Analysis to Determine The Relationship Between City Population Density with Incident Dengue Fever of Surabaya in The Year 2012-2014
    4. Comparison of Risk Assasment of FailurePatient Care by Nurses in inpatient unit at Rumah Sakit Islam Surabaya
    5. Mapping of Tuberculosis of Surabaya in 2014
    6. Relation Between Personal Factor and Safety Behaviour of Confined Space Workers of PT.X
    7. The Exposure of PM10 Dust and The Complaint of Eye’s Health from Employee of Production Department PT. Varia Usaha Beton, Sidoarjo
    8. Nursing Care To Patients of Extremities Fracture Operation With Acute Pain In The Asoka Room of Regional Public Hospital Jombang
    9. Nursing Care In Patients Post Operation Of Fracture Of Femur With Physical Mobility Barriers In Asoka’s Provincial Hospital Pavilion Jombang
    10. The Correlation  Of Family Social Support  With Stress Level  For  The Elderly As Old As 60-74 Years  At Gebang Malang Sub Village , Bandung Village ,  Diwek Sub District ,In Jombang District
  • JIKep | Maret 2016
    Vol 2 No 1 (2016)
    1. Applying Of Practice Method To Increase Ability Execute The Health Promotion
    2. The Effect of Diabetes Gymnastics to the Reduction of Blood Sugar Level for Diabetes Mellitus Patients in the Working Area of Public's Health Center ( Puskesmas ) Peterongan Sub District in Jombang
    3. The Effect Of Giving Lavender Aromatheraphy To Reductioninsomnia For The Elderly Peopleat Upt Panti (The Nursing Home)Werdha Mojopahit Mojokerto
    4. The Effect Of Progressive Muscle Relaxation To   Insomnia On The  Elderly People  At Nursing Homewerdha Mojopahit In  Mojokerto District
    5. The Relationship Of Mother ‘S Stimulation About  Educative  Game Tools (Ape) With  Baby’s  Development  As Old As  24-26 Months At Sawiji Villagejogoroto Sub District In Jombang District
    6. The Effect Of Pineapple Juice Consumption To The Reduction Of Uric Acid Levels On The Elderly People At Upt Panti ( Nursing Home ) Werdha Mojopahit In Mojokerto
    7. Effect Of Gymnastics Ergonomic Sleep Disorders (Insomnia) Elderly In Elderly Elderly Mojopahit Mojokerto
    8. Effect Of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise On Blood Pressure In Elderly With Hypertension In UPT PSLU District Mojopahit Mojokerto
    9. Relations With Hypertension In Pregnancy Primigravidas Village In Bandung District District Diwek Jombang
    10. The Relation Of Family’s Support With The Level Of Depression For  Patient Who Gets  Hemodialysis In The Room Of Hemodialysis At  Hospital  Of Jombang District
  • JIKep | September 2015
    Vol 1 No 2 (2015)
    1. The Relationship Of Family Support With Pregnant Women’s Compliance For Trimester II  And III To Consume The Supplementation  Of Tablet Fe In The Work Area  Of  Public Health Center At Dukuh  Klopo In Jombang District
    2. The Influence Of Autogenic Relaxation Terapy To Changes Blood Pressure Of Hypertension In The Eldery Posyandu Jabon Village Jombang Subdistrict Jombang District
    3. The Correlation Between Hypertension And Total Cholesterol In Blood Of The People With Age Range Of 36-45 Years Old In Jabon The Visit In Health Center Jabon, Jombang
    4. The Relationship Of  Family’s Support With The Compliance Of  Medicine  Supply For The  Patients  Of Diabetes Mellitus At Mancar Village ,Peterongan Sub Districtin Jombang District
    5. The Pattern Of Granting Mp-Asi With The Growth Of Children Aged 6-12 Months Of Work Areas In The Village Pulo Lor Puskesmas Pulo Lor Jombang
    6. The Correlation Of Stress  With The Insomnia For  Elderly People  At  Gambiran Village, Mojoagung Sub District,  In Jombang District
    7. The Relationship Between The Amount Of Bpjs Service Gives With The SatisfactionOf  Working In Health  Services In Puskesmas Mojowarno Jombang
    8. The Relationship Between Stress Level With Sugar Blood LevelAt People With Diabetes Mellitus (Dm) In Peterongan Clinic Jombang Regency
    9. The Nursing Care On Patients With Diabetes Mellitus Who Had Ganggren With Body Image Disturbance In Dahlia Room of RSUD Jombang
    10. Nursing Care Of Patient With Pneumonia Whith Inefektiveness Respiration In Cempaka Room Of Jombang Regional Hospital
  • JIKep | Maret 2015
    Vol 1 No 1 (2015)
    1. Personality Type Connection With Student Learning Motivation Stikes Dian Husada Half The Nursing IIB
    2. The Description of Implementation MNE ( Mosquito Nest Eradication ) with 3 M in Disease Prevention Dengue ( Dengue Hemorraghic Fever ) by Family in Jeruk Kuwik Bareng Jombang
    3. Motivation Working Mother In Breastfeedinghaving Baby 6-12 Months At Mojotresno Village Mojoagung District Jombang
    4. The Description of Mother's Role in Child Care Suffering Mental Retardation in SLB Kurnia Asih Pandean Ngoro Jombang
    5. The Description of Pregnant Mother Attitude in the Prevention Pre-eclampsi / eclampsia in Puton Diwek Jombang
    6. The Description of Nutritional Status to Toddler URI Age 0-5 Years in PHC Bareng Jombang
    7. The Description of Nutritional Status for 0-5 Years in Puton Village Jombang
    8. The Mother's Attitude of the Children About Treatment Acute Respiratory Infection ( ARI ) in Kudubanjar Kudu Jombang
    9. The Description of Elderly Diet Suffering Hypertension in Bendet Diwek Jombang
    10. The Description of Women Produktive About Breast Self Examination in Kedung Boto Kesamben Jombang