Vol 5 No 2 (2019): JIKep | September 2019

  1. Examination of 6 Minutes Walking Test Towards Functional Capacity of Post Tuberculosis Patients in Puskesmas Batua Raya Makassar: Literature Review
  2. Undergraduate Nursing Students Knowledge about Patient Safety Goals
  3. Improvement of Self-Care Independence for Children with Mental Retardation Using Occupational Therapy in SDLB Negeri Lamongan
  4. Effect of Breastfeeding Durationof Pneumonia in Children Under Five Years: A Systematic Review
  5. Pilot study: Self-Management Among Diabetes Mellitus Patients at HL. Manambai Abdulkadir Hospital
  6. Screening Cognitive Impairment in Hypertensive Patients in Bandung
  7. Guidelines for Corpse Treatment with HIV / AIDS Disease for Santri Pondok Pesantren Lubbul Labib Kedungsari Maron Probolinggo
  8. Expressive Writing Intervention for Academic Stress of Nursing Students
  9. Supportive Educative System Intervention Based on Family Centered Care on Family Support in Caring for Children with Leukemia in Rsud Tangerang
  10. Correlation of Personal Factor (Empathy) with Altruistic Behaviour in Members of Volunteer Corps-Indonesian Red Cross(KSR-PMI) on Institution X
  11. The Effect of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) on Controlling Blood Sugar Levels of Client Type 2 DM
  12. The Effect of Wrist Mobilization after Ultrasound Therapy to Decrease Pain of Patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Published: 2019-10-04