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Vol. 10 No. 1 (2024): JIKeb | Maret 2024
  1. Case Study: Knowledge Of Women Of Under-Children On Giving Complete Diphtheria Immunization In Gili Ketapang Village, Probolinggo
  2. Effectiveness Of Regularly Spinach Consumption And Pregnancy Exercise In Increasing The Hb Of Pregnant Women TM I & II in PKM Bintuni Bintuni Bay West Papua
  3. Description Of Factors Associated With The Events Of Asi Dams In Postpartum Mothers In The Work Area Upt Puskesmas Panca Makmur 2023
  4. Relationship With Low Impact Aerobic Gymnastics Weight Loss In 3-Month Injection KB Accepters In Panca Makmur Village
  5. Risk Factors Of Hypertension In Pregnancy In Jombang Muslimat And Child Hospitals
  6. Factors Related To The Accuracy Of The Immunization Schedule In Denanyar Village, District Jombang Working Area Of Pulo Lor Health Center Jombang, Jombang District
  7. Optimization Of Breastfeeding In Post-Sectio Caesaria Mothers At Pangeran Jaya Sumitra Hospital, Kotabaru Regency
  8. The Effectiveness Of Providing Moringa Leaves In Increasing Breast Milk Production For Public Mothers In Tamansari Village, Mumbulsari District, Jember District
  9. The Relationship Between Birth Distance And Parenting With Sibling Rivalry Handling At The Age Of 3-5 Years In West Lampahan Village
  10. Phenomenological Study: Overview Of Sirri Marriages On The Rights Of Women And Children In Family Care In Pulolor District, Jombang District
Published: 2024-03-30


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