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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2020): JIKeb | September 2020
  1. Factors Connected With Coverage Of Visual Infection Of Acetic Acid Inspection (Iva) In Kendari City
  2. Factors That Are Related To Stunting Events In South Konawe District
  3. A Midwifery Care Of Prenatal Up To Postnatal And Kb Of Coc In Obstetric Clinic Of Yuni Widaryanti, Str.Keb. At Sumbermulyo Village, Jogoroto District, Jombang Regency
  4. The Effect of Health Education on Audio Visual with Visual on Early Detection of Cervical Cancer Through IVA Examination of Knowledge and Mother's Attitude at Hinai Kiri Puskesmas Kecamatan Secanggang Kabupaten Langkat Tahun 2018
  5. Effectiveness of the Establishment of the KB Village as an Indicator of Community Behavior Change on Jl. Muharto Gang 5B Rw 08 Kelurahan Kotalama Malang
  6. The Effect Of Ocimum Bacilicum (Kemangi Leaves) To Cure Leucorrhoeain Childbearing Age Women, In Kraksaan Community Health Center Kraksaan District Probolinggo
  7. Effectiveness Of Granting Of Sirsak Leaf Extract ( Annova Muricata Linn) On The Event Of pathological Derivity In Subur Aged Woman
  8. Analysis Factor Determinant Of Nutritional Status Of Pregnant Women In Mombykids Jombang
  9. Learning Analysis Courses Of Midwifery Care II Study Program D3 Of Midwifery Islamic University Of Madura
  10. Analysis of Nurse Job Satisfaction with Nursing Management At RSUD Waluyo Jati Kraksaan
Published: 2020-09-30


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