Vol. 5 No. 2 (2019): JIKeb | September 2019

  1. Risk Factor Maternal Morbidty: Gender Quality Aspect
  2. Relationship Attitude To Learning Outcome Achieved by Semester IV Students In Midwife Care II At the Muhammadiyah Madiun Midwifery Academy
  3. Relationship Of Mom's Knowledge Level About Immunization With Complete Children's Basic Immunization In Bpm Bidan Sutarti, Amd., Keb Madiun City
  4. Effect Of Baby Massage Frequency On Baby Sleep Quality 1-3 Months In Mombykids Jombang
  5. The Effect Of Lavender Aromatheraphy Massage On Blood Pressure Change In Pregnant Women With Preeklampsia In Bidan Mandiri Practices Lilis Suryawati Sambong Dukuh Village, Jombang
  6. The Relationship of Maternal Parity with the Regularity of Toddler Visitingto Posyandu in Dahanrejo Village Kebomas Gresik District
  7. Relating To The Incidence Of Lbw In The Delivery Room Of The Kendari City General Hospital
  8. Relationship Between Mother's Anxiety Analysis With The swiftness of Breast Milk In BPS Kerta Timur Kecamatan Dasuk Kabupaten Sumenep
  9. Relationship Of Nutritional Status With Development Of Age Toodler Children (1-3 Years) In Bangkal Village, Sumenep City Sumenep District, 2019
  10. The Effect Of Nutrition Assistance Programs On Eating Order Patterns And Nutritional Status In Kalibuntu Village
Published: 2019-09-30