Vol. 2 No. 1 (2016): JIKeb | Maret 2016

  1. Change Of Weight On Participants Contraceptive Depo Injection In The Village Medroksi Progesterone Acetate Puri Semanding Plandaan District District Jombang
  2. Attitude Women Children Of Less Nutrition In The Village Jatirejo District District Diwek Jombang
  3. Description Of The Occurrence Causes Premature Infants In The Orchid Hospital Jombang
  4. Factors Cause Drop Out Of Participants Kb Injection 3 Months In The Village Sidokaton Kudu District District Jombang
  5. Disorders Menstrual Acceptors Kb Injection In 3 Months In Pustu Bandung, Desa Bandung, Diwek District, District Jombang
  6. Midwifery Care On  Women Post Curettage Ponek General Hospital District Jombang
  7. The Description Of The Factor In The Cause Of Preeclampsia On Pregnancy In Area Centerof Public Health Tembelang Jombang
  8. Midwifery Care In Premature Neonates With Low Birth Weight In The Orchid Pavilion Hospitals District Jombang
  9. Midwifery Care Postpartum Mother Postpartum Physiological 2 Hours In Bpm Ny. Yuni Widaryanti, Amd. Keb. Village Sub Source Mulyo Jogoroto District Jombang
  10. Midwifery Care Of Postpartum Mothers Day To 1-7 With Putting In Milk Rash Bpm Christina District Village Plandaan Plandaan District Jombang
Published: 2016-03-02