Vol. 7 No. 1 (2021): JIKep | Maret 2021

  1. Prediction of Case Tuberculosis Disease in Ponorogo District Based on Nutritional Status
  2. Overview of The Motivation of Nursing Students in Facing Work Opportunities Abroad
  3. The Effect of Audiovisual Therapy (cartoon film) on the Level of Stress in School-age Children Undergoing Physical Distancing
  4. The Effectiveness of Yoga Stick on The Reduction of Back and Neck Pain in Adults
  5. Effect of Cognitive Therapy and Family Psychoeducational Therapy on Anxiety Level of Cancer Clients
  6. An Overview Of Nursing Student Knowledge About Pressure Ulcer
  7. The Diferences of Depression in Man and Women Elderly who Have Diabetes Mellitus
  8. Strategies for Coping with Overcrowded Emergency Department (ED) : Literature Review
  9. Ante Natal Care Examination 4 Visits with High Risk of Pregnancy in Pregnant Women : Literature Review
  10. The Effect of Music Therapy on Behavioral Changes in Auditory Hallucinations In Schizophrenic Patients : Literature Review
  11. Overview of The Implementation of Handover in Hospital : Literature Review
  12. The Effectiveness of Giving Aloe Vera to Burn Patients in Yosowilangun Lumajang
  13. Process Teach Back in Health Education : Literature Review
  14. Predictors of Ners Indonesia Competency Exam Graduation : Literature Review
  15. The Effect of Semi Fowler Positioning and Pursed Lips Breathing Technique on Oxygen Saturation of Patients with COPD in HCU Ward Mangusada Hospital Badung Regency
  16. Educational Intervention Based on Theory of Planned Behavior to Improve Compliance with Treatment, Nutrition, and Prevention of Transmission in Tuberculosis Patients
Published: 2021-03-29