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Vol 4 No 2 (2018): JIKep | September 2018
  1. The Effect Of Self Care Education Based On Patient Nursing Interactions On Diet Compliance In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients (At the Outpatient Institution of Surabaya Islamic Hospital A. Yani)
  2. The Quality of Life Children's With Cancer In Malang Area, Indonesia
  3. The Duration Of Use Pil And Injection Contraception On Productive Women Age With Hypertension
  4. Overview Of Drug Withdrawal From Sufferers And Supervisors Of Taking Medicine Viewpoint In Parepare
  5. Ten Carative Caring Training Effect Of CaringAgainst Caring Behavior And Nurse Motivation (In RSI Surabaya)
  6. The Increasing Of Verbal Communication Ability of Stroke Ischemic Patient With Dysarthria Post LSVT Loud
  7. The Effect Of a Combination Of Early Mobilization And Spiritual Relaxation On The Pain Level Of Clients Post Operative Appendectomy At Surabaya Islamic Hospital
  8. The Relationship Of Family Support With Urine Acid’s Diet Compliance In Elderly At Posyandu Lansia Health Care Center Wonokromo Surabaya
  9. The Influence Of Combination Of Foot Gymnastic And Aromatheraphy To Abi And Stress Levels In Dm Patients In Jajag Health Center
  10. More Effectivenes Foot Exercise In Improving Blood Circulation For Legs With Reducing Of Glucose Levels For Diabetes Mellitus Patients In Rejoso Health Center
Published: 2018-09-03


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