Vol. 8 No. 3 (2022): JPM | September 2022

  1. Knowledge And Family Information Support In Care Of Low Birth Weight Infants
  2. Strengthening Family Knowledge As A Stunting Prevention Effort In Upt Puskesmas Moncobalang Kab. Gowa
  3. Holistic Health Assistance Of People With HIV/AIDS In Jombang District
  4. Health Education On Self-Isolation Of Child With Covid-19
  5. Education For The Prevention Of Health Problems In Students From The Impact Of Online Learning At Stikes Telogorejo Semarang
  6. Enhancement Of Herbal Plant Simplicia Products That Effective To Increase Immunity In Ma'rang District, Pangkep Regency
  7. Empowerment Of Health Careers In Early Detection Of Coronary Heart Disease During Pandemic In Kedungringin Village, Kec. Beji Pasuruan District
  8. Empowerment Of Family In Treating Odgj (Persons With Mental Disorders) At Home Through Psycoeducation And Assistance As An Effort Relapse Prevention
  9. Family Empowerment In Postpartum Care
  10. Communication, Information And Education (Cie) As An Effort To Increase Knowledge About Modern Contraception
  11. Health Education Of Hypertension Patients To Prevent Complications In The Work Area Of Tamalanrea Puskesmas
  12. Empowerment Of Family The “Ngabdi Wong Tuwo” With Caregiver Training For Elderly Stroke Suffering In Jabung Village Plupuh Sragen
  13. Optimizing Community Empowerment In Early Detection Of Infant Health, Toddlers And Preschools Through Posyandu And Paud During Pandemic In Gedawang Kelurahan
  14. Use Of Personal Protection Equipment (Ppe) And Simple Management Of Household Medical Waste In Fatmaboga Small And Medium Enterprises
  15. Increasing Knowledge Of Non-Communicable Disease: Hypertension In Elderly
  16. Training And Assistance Of Baby Food Business In Ensuring Nutritional Quality Of Complementary Food Products In Malang City
  17. Self-Care Behavior Of People With Hypertension During The Covid-19 Pandemic
Published: 2022-09-30