Vol. 8 No. 1 (2022): JPM | Maret 2022

  1. DM Self Management Training For Cadres In Kuanheum Village, Kupang Barat District
  2. Preventing Bullying Behavior In Adolescents With Counseling And Roleplay At Smp Negeri 2 Palang, Palang District,Tuban Regency
  3. Increasing Occupational Safety And Health Through A Health Promotion Model And Assistance To Tuban Regency Home Industry Batik Workers
  4. The Socialization Of Adolescent Counseling Information Program Through Adolescent Cadres In Preventing Early Marriage In Sawir Village, Tuban
  5. Communication, Information, Education (Cie) To The Community About Utilization Of Family Medicine Plants For Patients With Diabetes Mellitus
  6. Improving Food Processing Hygiene Hygiene of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Fatmaboga
  7. Range Of Motion Exercise Increase Foot Sensitivity Of People With Diabetes Mellitus Type II
  8. Community Empowerment Program: “Kebas” (Activity Free To Defecate Indiscriminately) Toward Open Defecation Free Village
  9. Health Education With A Peer Group Approach To Improve Attitudes Related To Adolescent Reproductive And Psychosocial Health
  10. The The Implementation Of Galasema Application (Movement Of Healthy And Independent Elderly) To Elderly Independence
  11. Empowering Of Youth Health Community Volunteers Through A Course And Assistance Of Integrated Community Service Program
  12. Implementation Of Kb Counseling On Kb Accepters In The Ngadiluwih And Ngancar Areas Of Kediri Regency
  13. Clean and Healthy Living Behavior Educatiom (PHBS) In Preventing Covid-19 In Jogoroto District Jombang Regency
  14. Increased Knowledge of Cadres in Early Detection of Breast Cancer with Breast Self-Examination in Bandung Village, Diwek District, Jombang Regency
  15. Improving Knowledege In Asthma Self Manajemen Education
  16. Production Of Nutritious Food for Toddlers in Coastal Areas as Fulfillment of Intake During the Covid-19 Pandemic
  17. Maintaining A Healthy Living Spirit For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Mothers In The Covid-19 Pandemic
Published: 2022-03-31