Vol. 7 No. 2 (2021): JIKep | September 2021

  1. Editorial: Pillars of Diabetes Mellitus Self-Care
  2. The Experiance of The Ward Person in Charge in Managing The Medical Ward in Tembelang Public Health Centre, Jombang
  3. Analysis of Family Support on The Level of Recurrent People with Mental Disorders in Work Area of Puskesmas Geneng
  4. The Occurrence and Classification of Diabetic Ulcers Among Diabetes Mellitus Patients Using Wagner-Ulcer Classification Tool
  5. The Effect of Child Nursing Learning with Video Phototherapy on Knowledge Level
  6. The Effectiveness of Short Movie Media in Improving Self-reliance on Nursing Student
  7. Factors effecting Profession Phase Student Satisfaction in Pediatric Stage STIKES Wira Medika Bali
  8. The Effect of Tai Chi on The Improvement of Dynamic Balance in Elderly People
  9. The Effects of Knee-To-Chest and Pelvic Tilting Exercise on Lower Back Flexibility of Administrative Officers Who Sit for A Long Period
  10. Factors Associated with Delay Management of Stage III & IV Breast Cancer Treatment at The Oncology Polyclinic of The NTB Provincial Hospital 2018
  11. Determinants of Early Detection of Cervical Cancer in Couples of Childbearing Age Using the IVA Method in the Work Area of the Galesong Takalar Health Center
  12. Foot Somatosensory Stimulation on Dynamic Balance in Elderly
  13. The Relationship between Family Support and the Personal Hygiene of Mental Patient in Wara Public Health Centre, Palopo City In 2020
  14. Relationship of Internal Service Quality with Customer Loyalty
  15. Pre-Married Sexual Relationships with Street Child in Makassar City
  16. Effect of Baby Massage on Weight Changes at The Age of 0-3 Months in Mangarabombang District Takalar Regency
  17. Associated Factors with Dietary Adherence in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease through Hemodialysis Therapy
  18. The Management of a Nutrition Deficit in Babies with Malnutrition in Mranggen Kidul Village
  19. The Prevalence of Diabetes In Middle-Age Elderly During The COVID-19 Pandemic
  20. Determinants of Incident Hypoglycemia in Patients with Diabetes type 2: Literature Review
  21. Factors Affecting Mothers in Providing Nutrition to Under Two Years In Jombang
  22. Review Child's Anxiety from Parents' Anxiety in Bhakti Husada Krikilan General Hospital
  23. Herbal Supplements for Type II Diabetes Mellitus : Systematic Review
  24. Effectiveness of Prone Position in Non-Intubated Patients COVID-19 with Respiratory Disease in the ICU: Literature Review
  25. Community Empowerment In Maternal and Child Health as An Effort to Increase Health Degree
  26. Literatur Review: Non-Pharmacological Therapy for Increasing Sleep Quality of Patients in ICU or CCU
  27. The Effect of Giving a Combination of Endorphin and Murotal Massage On Labor Pain In The Phase I
  28. Body Image, Eating Behavior and Nutritional Status in Adolescents
  29. Family Experience (Care Giver) in Care of The Elderly Dependence on Daily Living Activity
Published: 2021-09-30