Vol. 9 No. 1 (2023): JIKep | Februari 2023

  1. Analysis of Factors Influencing Cyberbullying Behavior with The Use of Social Media in Adolescents at Senior High School 6 Lhokseumawe
  2. Subjective Stress and Its Correlation with Fatigue among Hospital Nurses
  3. Academic Stress Level and Quality of Life on Covid-19 Survivor Students
  4. Compensation Affects the Work Motivation of Nurses
  5. Ergonomic Risk Prevalence in Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in the Indonesian Office Sector
  6. Descriptive Study of Gross Motor Ability in Children with Cerebral Palsy
  7. Case Study : Physiotherapy Programs in Asthma Bronkial
  8. The Relationship Levels of Knowledge of Women in Reproductive Age with Early Detection of Cervical Cancer Method IVA in Karanglo Villageworking Area of Kebaman Health Center
  9. A Literature Review: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Osteoarthritis Implications for management of Physiotherapy
  10. Exercise Therapy in Menopause Women at Haji Hospital Surabaya
  11. Positive Effects of Plyometric Exercise on Increasing Agility in Athletes with a History of Chronic Ankle Sprain Injury
  12. Analysis of Factors Associated with Compliance with the Implementation of the Covid-19 Prevention Health Protocol in Muhammadiyah 3 Middle School Students, Jakarta
  13. Physical and Psychosocial Changes Affect the Quality of Life of Hemodialysis Patients
  14. Readiness of Mothers in Treating Children with Pneumonia Post Hospitalization
  15. The Effect of Providing Audio-Visual Video Education on Pregnant Women's Knowledge About Nutritional Intake in Sokaraja Lor Village
  16. Health Education Poster Media Using Online Methods on Covid-19 Health Protocol Compliance
  17. Parents Behavior Preparing New Normal in Children Using The Roy Adaptation Theory Approach
  18. The Effectiveness of Nursing Documentation Training Using Technical Guideline on Nursing Documentation skills in Nursing Students at Universitas Timor
  19. The Relationship Between Family Burden and The Ability of Family in Treating Patients of Hallucinations
  20. The Effect of Video-Based Education on Bone Fracture First Aid Knowledge Wrap in Communities in Polongbangkeng Selatan
  21. The Effect of Benson's Relaxation to Stress Level of Elderly in Tresna Werdha Social Services Jombang
  22. The Influence of Health Education on Adolescent Reproductive Health Knowledge
  23. Empowerment of Health Cadre in Implementing the Village Initiating Hypertension Response (DISTANSI) Program
  24. Diet Management Ability in Prolanis Diabetes Mellitus at Jabon-Jombang Health Center
  25. The Relationship of Self-Efficacy with Physical Activity of People with Diabetes Mellitus at Airlangga Jombang Hospital
  26. Exploration of the Newly Graduated Nurses’ Attitude towards Computers in Healthcare
  27. Analysis of Community Willingness to Get Covid-19 Vaccination in Indonesia
  28. Case Study: Palliative Treatment of Advanced Stage Of Breast Carcinoma Through The Roy Adaptation Model Approach
  29. Motivating Leadership in An Era of Changing Paradigms of Health Care
Published: 2023-02-25